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Join us as Pastor Brian dives into Timothy 1 & 2 in a powerful series on spiritual leadership!

Youth Camp 2021 was powerful and we were blessed to have this year’s camp speaker back with us, Joseph Kellogg.  Tune in for this incredible message, Not Canceled.

Our guest speaker, Missionary Joe Butler shared of their incredible ministry, Ability Tree based in Siloam Springs, AR and encouraged how we as the church can be Jesus to those individuals and families with special needs.

The Gospel has come, it changed the world then and is still changing the world today!

Let this amazing WORD from our First Lady, Sondra Herring, get in your spirit and “Take Off Your Mask”!

Join us for a wonderful word from Michael Redmon, Vice President of Volunteer Engagement/Regional Direction and hear the incredible news about Convoy of Hope!

What an incredible reminder from our special guest speaker, Aaron Robinson, “This Is Just A Season…and Seasons Change”.
How has our current “cancel culture” effected us as the church?  Join us for a powerful Easter message from Pastor Brian.
We have been “marked” by His love, but how does it change us?
Enjoy a message from guest speaker Pastor Mike Holt, “Shout Don’t Pout” and remember that your attitude sets the atmosphere for the amazing to take place.
We move forward together as a church in vision and mission toward all God has in store for 2021.
2021 is here, but how will we do all God has called us to do?  Pastor Brian shares from scripture keys to finding the power to change.
Guest Speaker Tim Phillips shares a timely word, “We Know The End of The Story”.
After a difficult year for so many, 2020 left us needing a second chance. Join us as Pastor Brian shares from the story of Nehemiah.  2021 will be exactly that, a second chance.
Powerful message by Pastor Clint Powers and a great way to end the year, moving forward in 2021 by preparing for battle. 
2020 has been challenging to say the least, but there is Good News…Christmas Isn’t Cancelled!
The holidays are quickly approaching and wrapping up the end of the year can be chaotic. Join us as Pastor Brian dives into a series on having a heart of gratitude.
With the 2020 Election in full swing, Pastor Brian encourages us all and reminds us of our responsibility as Christ followers to pray for our nation.
Need some peace in your life? Listen to Pastor Brian’s message as he dives into Philippians 4:4-7 and reminds us that “Peace Is Still Possible”.
Even in God’s will, storms will come.  But Don’t Panic Just Yet!  Listen to Pastor Brian Herring’s timely Word.
Join us for a powerful stand alone message by Pastor Caleb Hester.
What are we suppose to do when the plans change suddenly? When the goals we were running towards shift and everything around us looks different? Join us as we dive into this exciting and timely series RECALCULATING.
What exactly is the church? What is the church suppose to look like, suppose to do, suppose to be about? 2020 has brought a lot of challenges to the church, but the first question we have to answer is “what is the church”? Find out the answer in our midweek service! 
It’s time we lived differently. As Christ followers we are called to a different kind of living than the world around us portrays. Dive scripture with Pastor Brian Herring to find out what this kind of living looks like in 2020.
2nd Thessalonians is one of the many letters penned by Paul. Join us for a three week deep study on each chapter of 2nd Thessalonians led by our Care Pastor, Randy Bardwell.
Guest Speaker Cody Miller brings an amazing word that is perfect for the current season of our world. You won’t want to miss this message, grab your Bible and get ready to dive into this message.
As Christ followers it’s important for us to learn where to draw the line when it comes to current events and what life throws our way. Join our midweek series as Care Pastor, Randy Bardwell, digs into what it looks like to draw the line with practical application.
Are YOU made for this moment? Our new summer series couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 2020 has been one for the books and we’re only half way through the year. We are not the only ones who have asked “God did you make me for this moment?” 
We invite you to open up your Bible as we dive into our Father’s Day 2020 Message. Leaving a Lasting Legacy, who wouldn’t want to do that? 
Dive into our midweek series Overflow with Pastor Brian Herring. Discover what the overflow could look like in your personal life and how to let God overflow in your day to day life.
Our current series UNSTOPPABLE dives into an amazing breakdown of how we as the church can become Unstoppable. You won’t want to miss this series! 
We love hearing from our Care Pastor Randy Bardwell. Enjoy this message as he dives into The Word and shares some amazing knowledge and truth with us all.
Our First Lady, Sondra Herring, speaks with her annual Mother’s Day message. Reiterating our saying of “Life Is Better Together”, Sondra speaks on the blessings God provides us through others.
Missionary Mike James joins us during our weekly prayer service to talk about missions in Wales.
Our Youth Pastor, Caleb Hester, asks the question of “Where do we go from here?” A question on the minds of seniors as they graduate, but also a question on many of our minds in these different times.
Have you been running around searching for happiness? No matter how many promotions you get, kids you have, or cars in your garage you still feel unhappy? Join us as we dive into The Search For Happiness, and have your questions answered!  
Resurrection Sunday might look a bit different this year but one thing remains the same. Jesus rose from the grave on that third day and we are here to celebrate and give thanks! 
Hear from the Assemblies of God Superintended Doug Clay as he dives into The Word of God and brings encouragement during this current season of life.
Join Pastor Brian Herring as he breaks down some of the most powerful words from the cross. This brand new series prepares our hearts and focuses on our minds on the most amazing victory we have in Christ Jesus.
During our weekly Prayer Service we are diving into the topic of “healing”. How God heals the broken heated, the sick, the emotionally broken, and more. We believe God’s powerful healing isn’t just something of the past, but a very real thing our God still works through. 
Every soul matters to God. This is more than just a core value for Harrison Faith. This is something we are passionate about beyond the four walls of our building. One of our goals for 2020 is to act upon the core value, every soul matters to God in our daily lives.
Discover the true heart of worship during our weekly Wednesday night Prayer Service. Led by Pastor Brian Herring, learn the power of having a heart of worship.
1st Things 1st dives into Matthew 6:33 and the things we need to put 1st in our lives. Join Pastor Brian Herring as he dives into God’s Word to kick off January 2020.
Guest Speaker Jacob Jester joins Harrison Faith in December 2019 
Our annual Candlelight Service brings friends and family together to celebrate the true reason for the Christmas Season.
Join Pastor Brian Herring as he deciphers the sounds of the season in this Christmas themed sermon series. 
Guest Speaker, Life Group Pastor Bob Worden dives into a study during our weekly Prayer Service.
Guest Speaker Brian Fairchild teaches during our weekly Prayer Service.
Our November series, The Content Life. Find contentment in our hearts, relationships and more. Pastor Brian Herring walks through the scripture as we discover how to live the content life.
In a world where everyone is skeptical it’s important for us to know how to prove that The Bible is the Living Word of God. Not sure you believe us? Listen to our series Wednesday night Prove It and discover what scripture has to say. 
Ever face a season in life where it’s hard to be strong? Where fear seems to triumph over courage? In this October series Pastor Brian Herring dives into being strong.
Speed The Light Sunday provides us the opportunity to support missionaries who serve all over the world. Care Pastor Randy Bardwell guest speaks during this annual event. 
Missionary Zach Manning joins us for our weekly Prayer Service.



People disappoint us, they let us down. How do we process and move on from the moment of letdown? September’s series The Letdown explores the feeling of disappointment and how to turn things around. 


Join Pastor Brian Herring as he dives into the amazing miracles Jesus performed while he was on Earth.


Join Brian Fairchild as he dives into God’s Word as our guest speaker for our weekly Prayer Service.


Sometimes we want to go faster than the plan. But taking one small step at a time can work too. Enjoy Pastor Brian Herrings August series: One Small Step.


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