God Meant It For Good

Please join leaders Tim & Charmaine Phillips. In a world of stolen identity, identity crisis, and changing identities it is important to have a Biblical View. In this class finding our identity, we will discover Gods’ perspective as to who we are, Jesus’ identification with us, and our with him along with a sense of worth and purpose.

God Meant It For Good

His family had badly mistreated him for a dream that in fact turned out to be precisely correct. He had every right to get back at his brothers, but he didn’t. He was able to recognize the fact that God was shaping him for ministry. Before he could take his place as a leader and savior of a nation, Joseph had to experience first the ignominy of being a slave and a prisoner. God had him face tremendous difficulties to prepare him for greatness.

LOGOS (Sunday)

Logos is the Greek word for “word”.  Randy Bardwell does an excellent job of walking through the Word with you for deeper learning and application to daily life.

Men Of Faith

33 The Series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus. Please join the men as they continue on this journey. 

Prayer Life

Do you feel dry, ill-equipped, or intimidated in your Christian walk?  Do you hunger to go deeper in knowing God and discovering how God wants to use you?  Do you feel a call to be interceding on others’ behalf?  Do you want to establish a new normal of what a prayer life looks like in your family?  Are you ready to usher in the Lord’s will and revival?  If yes, it all comes back to prayer.  Prayer can seem intimidating at times, but it’s not meant to be.  At Prayer Life (or whatever we call this) you will be equipped with a greater understanding of what prayer is and how to operate in it.  We will take time to study God’s word, pray together, and most importantly, draw close to HIm.  God is wanting to do some things in your life and prayer is the KEY that unlocks it all!  Mark 11:24, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ASK when you PRAY, BELIEVE that you receive them, and you will have them.”  

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Have you ever asked yourself what changed when you were “born again?” You look in the mirror and see the same reflection – your body hasn’t changed. You find yourself acting the same and yielding to those same old temptations – that didn’t seem to change either. So you wonder, Has anything really changed?
The correct answer to that question is foundational for receiving from God. If you lack this basic understanding, you’ll forever ask yourself doubt-filled questions like: “How could God love somebody like me?” and “How can I possibly expect to receive anything from the Lord? I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough!”

Warrior Women

We are a group for ladies of all ages and from all walks of life who believe in the power of corporate prayer and in the fellowship developed by studying the Bible together.  Friendships are made, snacks are eaten, the Bible is studied and requests are prayed for — we love our Tuesday nights! 

Women of Faith

Do you ever feel unsure about who and what to believe?
These days, we are bombarded with information. Everyone is trying to tell us what to buy, how to look, how to vote, and what to believe. Who can we trust when we have questions? And does having questions make us “bad Christians”? The audience of Hebrews was not much different from us. They, too, had questions about their faith. Join us as we dive into this wonderful book. 

Young Adults

Young Adults is geared towards the 18-25 age group! We meet weekly for food, fellowship, games, and most importantly digging into the Word of God. Curiosity is hardwired in humanity. We have this innate need to question and seek after what we don’t know or understand. This Life Group will enjoy a wonderful opportunity to join together with young adults from HFC and the local area in study our Sunday morning sermons in more depth. 

Youth Sunday PM Life Group

Pastor Caleb & Morgan Hester invite 7th-12th grade youth to join them for a time of games, food and learning more of God’s Word.  What better way to prepare yourself for the upcoming week of school than a Sunday evening hanging out with your favorite Youth Pastors!