Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Classes

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for our Discipleship Classes! This is a time midweek to dive into God’s Word on a deeper level through individual groups. You can choose from topical studies, to ongoing groups the choice is up to you. Check out what we are currently offering bellow. 

Balancing Life's Demands

In this class, we will be studying the book: Balancing Life’s Demands by Chip Ingram. We will learn and discuss biblical priorities for a busy life.

Bible Engagement Project

Bible Engagement Project  is a class designed to help people learn how to dig into the Bible and apply it to life. Enriching videos and intriguing discussion questions will create the kind of moments that inspire members to continue engaging deeply with the Bible all week long.

Building Blocks of Relationships

“Building Blocks of Relationships” is an interactive class that aims to help marriages move from comfort zones to growth zones. Couples are encouraged to join and participate no matter how long they have been together or where their marriage is spiritually. Each week’s discussion will uncover Gods design for marriage and if you’re experiencing any stumbling blocks, turn them into building blocks. Let’s build God’s Kingdom through strong marriages!

The Book of Revelation

This class will be doing an in depth study on the book of Revelation.