Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Classes

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for our Discipleship Classes! This is a time midweek to dive into God’s Word on a deeper level through individual groups. You can choose from topical studies, to ongoing groups the choice is up to you. Check out what we are currently offering bellow. 

Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table

In this class, we will be studying the book: Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table by Louie Giglio. We will learn and discuss practical ways to overcome the Enemy’s lies and find peace and security in any situation.

A Moment With The King

“A Moment with the King” is a class designed to help people understand their role in God’s Kingdom. Through this class, attendees will learn about their unique identity in Christ and how to fulfill their purpose. The class will cover biblical teachings and principles that help us understand our place in the Kingdom. We will also discuss ways to draw closer to God, such as through prayer and reading the Bible. One goal of this class is to help attendees develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. By the end of the class, attendees will have a greater understanding of their identity in Christ and how to serve God in their daily lives.

How To Study The Bible

How to Study the Bible” is a class that will teach you how to effectively engage with the Bible. We’ll start by helping you adjust to the “climate” of the Bible and putting its teachings into practice, a process we call “acclimation.” We’ll dive into the heart of biblical interpretation: “analyzation.” This involves asking the five “W’s” (who, what, when, where, and why) to better understand the text.
Finally, we’ll discuss the “application” of the Bible to your life, or your “game plan for winning.” By the end of this class, you’ll have a strong foundation in biblical interpretation and practical tools to help you apply its teachings to your daily life.

Men's Class: The Truth Project

Truth Project by Dr Del Tackett. Men – Looking for the perfect small group Bible study on the Christian worldview? Trying to figure out what the Bible says is true? Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project is an excellent starting point for looking at life from a Biblical perspective. Join Dr. Del Tackett, former President of the Focus on the Family Institute and a former Senior Vice President of our ministry, as he takes you through twelve engaging video lessons! 

Women's Class: Table Talks

Table Talks by Bianca Juárez Olthoff. Ladies have you ever thought about the central role the table plays in the lives of Christians? The Bible is full of references about food, drink, eating, and fellowship. Jesus knew the power of the table and used it to teach and embody truth about himself.